An introduction from mum, Jo...

Thank you for Remembering Ellaline who we respected and admired for her sunny personality, her talents and her extraordinary courage. Ellaline's zest for life was famous; there were never enough hours in her day.

She was so joyful, always smiling and laughing. Her list of favourite things included her home, Betsy, her 4 cats, every sport, all the Performing Arts and her dear friends. Ellaline was a loving and very loyal friend in return.

From the age of 3 she lived a parallel life at Diane Gulliford's School of Dance, where she excelled. Later stumbling upon Bournemouth Ballet Club she found additional excitement and made yet more friends.

At Baden Powell & St Peter's School her singing and acting was discovered when she was cast as Dorothy. She was a passionate and consummate performer who took her talents, albeit briefly, to Wentworth College. She was admitted to hospital mid- production so sadly I never saw her as Sandy.

Angio-sarcoma is rare. It is rarer in children and rarer yet in the heart. What an exceptionally cruel way to be renowned when one is 14 years old. Despite her illness and the ghastly treatment Ellaline did not complain; there were no remonstrations or self pity. Her mantra remained " The Show Must Go On!". Her diary read "Let's Party!". With the help of many people she achieved personal goals and fulfilled a host of Wishes, compassionately and generously sharing her good times with us all.

The gorgeous little girl meanwhile grew up into a smart, funny, beautiful young lady. With typical modesty she denied her credentials and failed to see the impact she had on everyone.

Our Memorial tribute on 11th November paid homage to Ellaline. The Lighthouse, Poole's Centre for The Arts, was the venue for her dancing debut and also her triumphant finale just 2 weeks before her death. Fully loaded with morphine yet still in great pain, she danced her socks off, smiling THAT smile throughout.

It was be a celebration Ellaline-style with contributions from friends old and new. Monies raised by donations to The Ellaline Vincent Memorial Fund through tickets, programmes, dvds and buckets, will go to Round Table Childrens' Wish Ltd. who facillitated her childhood dream of swimming with dolphins and to local dancing foundations at a personal level, all causes dear to Ellaline's heart.

I would like to thank everyone for their benevolence and loving support during Ellaline's incredible journey and the empathy which now sustains me. Let us always Remember Ellaline and smile.

Jo x

PS My thanks to all those who attended Ellaline's funeral; there were so many people there I didn't get to speak to you all. All the beautiful flowers that could not be accommodated to go with Ellaline's coffin came back to Crimble Cottage, had 10 more glorious days, then went to our garden compost to feed future plants, all according to Ellaline's wishes. Don't forget to plant your Tulip "Angelique" bulbs asap.

Ellaline's ashes were interred at Parkstone Cemetry on 27 September. A stone will be errected in a few months.

For photos of Ellaline with her mum and grandparents, visit the family page.


Ellaline's diary from early 2007 sums up her admirable approach to life
Ellaline’s Diary, 26 January 07

Hey, long time no speak! Lol. Was diagnosed with angio-sarcoma of the heart last summer and on 4th of July had major heart surgery to get rid of tumour!

Then had 6 months of chemotherapy and six weeks of daily radiotherapy, all up in Southampton. BORING!

Then after I got clear of that, along comes the flippin’ brain tumour for which I had 13 sessions of radiotherapy to my head!

They tell me I have a few months to live and I say “ Let’s Party and live life to the Full”

Wahoeeeeeeeeeee, Love u

(c) 2007-2008 Jo Hart and Katie Hague